Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mono and ADO.NET

I have recently taken ownership of Mono's ADO.NET from the LDTP fame Nagappan. I will be slowly progressing towards the 99% API compatibility with .NET 2.0 in the coming month(s). All Mono/ADO.NET related updates/issues/cries-for-help will be tracked through this blog. I thank everyone that provided me this opportunity to work on one of the finest F/OSS projects.


knocte said...

Hey, I think a good testcase would be trying to run the NHibernate test suite (NUnit).

Veerapuram Varadhan said...

Thanks for your opinion. We run NUnit after each API that we implement in Mono. More help is needed to implement certain APIs that are not so-well-documented in MSDN, for which we would need sample code that could explain the intended use of an API.

m said...


Varadhan, I think the point that Knocte is making is that in addition to our NUnit test suite (which like every test suite in the world is incomplete) we should also run the NHibernate test suite.

Running more code, and running more test suites will help us identify bugs, and track down more regressions.

Veerapuram Varadhan said...


M, certainly. Let me work on getting a NHibernate suite for ADO.NET.